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Studywiz makes best of breed products to support transformative learning and teaching inside the classroom and beyond.

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    eLocker 3

    Change the way you collaborate in the post-PC classroom with eLocker 3 for iOS and Android.

    Sharing, collaboration and peer assessment wherever and whenever you need it including offline access.

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    Parents and teachers, help your children enjoy school and achieve better grades using the StudyWhiz app for iPad®, a 21st century learning tool that helps students take control of their own learning.

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    Learner Matrix

    Studywiz Learner Matrix connects continuous progress tracking, formative assessment, pastoral support and parental reporting to help schools deliver a holistic assessment and reporting system. Learner Matrix is for schools that understand that assessment is not just about a grade in a box.

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  • Bryanston School Data Channel App

    The Data Channel App

    The Data Channel App lets you use your Studywiz deployment to publish news and content to the general public.

    Using the in-built content management system you can differentiate between your private and public content – allowing you to engage the wider school community.

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