Studywiz Extras

Studywiz has loads of useful features that add a lot of value to the way your school uses Studywiz, ensuring you get the absolute most out of your Studywiz investment.

All of these features make using Studywiz at your school simpler and more rewarding. Find out if any of these Studywiz features can make Studywiz more enriching for your students.

Google Apps

Integrate your Google Apps for Education account with Studywiz providing user provisioning, mail access and doc creation.

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Network storage mapping

This is a massive time saver for staff and students – integrate your network home folder, and move content in and out of Studywiz easily.

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Studywiz Extractor

Studywiz Extractor extracts data from the MIS and transfers it securely to Studywiz, thus synchronising the user accounts in Studywiz with the user details in your MIS.

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Send SMS directly from Studywiz to mobile phones – ideal for getting important messages out to your school community.

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QT Assessment

Studywiz QTI Assessment implements the IMS QTI test interoperability standard in an enhanced and powerful question, test and assessment module.

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A powerful surveying and questionnaire tool designed to allow students, teachers, administrators or school managers to create and deliver professional online questionnaires.

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Utilise digital video in Studywiz with ClickView integration.

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The visual support provided by using Widgit Symbols within Studywiz is a great way to ensure that the online text and information is accessible to learners of all levels of reading ability.

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